About Us

Peribanu is an ultimate hi-tech second hand marketplace for excess inventory and pre-owned equipment.
Peribanu creates a powerful online B2B platform for selling and buying excess inventory and pre-owned equipment by your own community. At any given day there are millions of items available for purchase through auction-like online solutions worldwide.
Peribanu daily brings together buyers and sellers on a national and international basis through a website that focuses on commerce and communications.

Peribanu was founded in early 2007 by former Cibus founder and an Internet applications entrepreneur, who pioneered the concept of delivering enterprise applications via a simple website.

With a growing number of strategic customers throughout the world, Peribanu became the answer to hi-tech organizations who wish to purchase second hand equipment in market price knowing who they are buying from.

Peribanu is a sister company to Cibus, Israel's leading provider of on-demand procurement services, enabling seamless management of employee services within organizations. Founded in 1998, Cibus now serves over 1,000 organizations with more than 55,000 people using its services on a daily basis.